Jill Parres-Gold: little man’s RT (Respiratory Therapist)

IMG_2880Jill Parres-Gold who is what’s known as an RT – Respiratory Therapist – every bit as important as the doctors and nurses. Jill was at the NICU with us and saved Nicholas’s life many times over. When she saw in the system he had been intubated she came to find me and we just fell into each other’s arms when she saw that one of the RT patients was her little Nicholas from all those years ago. It tells you so much about a person that they care just as strongly about their parents from so many years ago. Jill’s not only an excellent RT but just plain good people. She and her wife have 4 kids and she’s become one of the all important transport people to get patients to the right hospitals. Love & Gratitude to you JILL!!!

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