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Season’s Greetings!

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been so supportive of Nicholas and the continuing struggles we face daily with his health and well-being. You cannot know what a significant difference it makes to feel all the love and outpourings from Nicholas’s fans as well as from those of you who have been long-time supporters of my work, but it has grounded me in ways you cannot imagine.

It was heartbreaking for me to cancel my appearance in the UK for the iConn Convention. But as I discover over and over again, one’s destiny is rarely in their own hands.

little man Nicholas

Between hospital visits, Nicholas’s 4 back to back pneumonia’s, a new specialist what seemed weekly, not only had Nicholas’s nurses and I become LA bound, but many times house bound.

Between that and balancing the unwieldy universe of a new teen (Yes, Gabrielle’s 13 now!!) has been a whirlwind of juggling many hats and roles!
My Beautiful Girl 2013
Even though Gabrielle bounces between being my little girl and shall I say spirited young woman “you’re the mom! You should know I have to act like a teen!” — she’s still my favorite person to “hang with.” Have to brag a wee bit — Gabrielle’s a straight A student, involved in student council, gospel choir, dance, excelling in her Art class and nominated as an ambassador on behalf of her school, Campbell Hall.

When Sue Melke (CEO Melke Pty Ltd & Exec Producer of “SHE4ME”) asked if I would be interested in directing a music video of the multi-talented Jen Foster, for her long time hit “She” I wasn’t certain if I could take on any more. But the little project that would be had been born and was chugging along at high-speed trajectory.

I was thrilled to be working with Jen Foster again as she had provided the song “Broken” for “Elena Undone” and is one of the most trusting artists I’ve ever encountered. What started out as a small music video soon became a mega-project. LA music producer Eve Nelson has taken the song “She” and scored it in a way that has to be heard to be believed! Sue brought Marriage Equality USA to the table so we are now producing a very impressive PSA starring Nicole Pacent, Gabrielle Christian, Barbara Niven, (“A Perfect Ending”) Traci Dinwiddie, (“Elena Undone”), Mike C Manning, Rebecca Stabb “A Perfect Ending”, Cathy DeBuono, Guinevere Turner, Jessica Graham, Havilland Stillwell and many others to share with the world a message whose time has come – NOW! The project is called SHE4ME — She For Marriage Equality.
Click HERE to Listen to Curve SHE4ME Schmooze Chat!

We did a SCHMOOZE interview earlier this month and you can view it on CurveMag.com to learn more about SHE4ME.

Curve Schmooze chat1

I am so honored to be a part of SHE4ME, which, in many ways as become a salve and solace to the intense requirements of Nicholas’s journey — I am able to stop the jaw gritting anxiety and throw myself into my editing cave and lose myself in the beautiful visual imagery we were able to capture at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood, right in thick of the Sunset Strip. The Hyatt chain is also an incredible supporter of this project co-produced by Kim Rocco Shields and WingSpan pictures. Other wonderfully supportive entities include Wolfe Video, Visit West Hollywood, NuInsite and the beautiful visionary Lisa and her team at Equality TV among many others.

I am also humbled by all of you who continue to share your love and support through good and bad! Seriously, you know what people are made of when the lighting isn’t so agreeable. I am grateful to each and every one of you. You are all a part of my film family.

In the meantime, Wishing You & Yours the Very Warmest of Holidays!!

With Love & Gratitude,

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