Call to my fellow “Love Warriors” – Nicole Conn on SHE4ME

She4Me_TellEverybodyCall to my fellow “Love Warriors” –

Help us spread the SHE4ME video coming out February 14th, Valentine’s Day —the international day of love! As a proud Romantic, I was honored to conceptualize and direct a “mini-movie” celebrating the ultra-talented Jen Foster’s love ballad “She” to serve as a message for Marriage Equality.

We are thrilled to have the support from Marriage Equality, Melke Pty Ltd, Andaz West Hollywood (Hyatt Chain), Wingspan Pictures, Wolfe Video, OneMoreLesbian,, and many other organizations, but we also need a grassroots movement to help push SHE4ME into a viral message seen round the world.

Posting, FB, Twitter – whatever you can do — all greatly appreciated. Perhaps you’re involved with a large organization that would love to support the cause and send to their database. Or you have media connections — your cousin has a radio program or is a blogger. Or just sending the SHE4ME link to your personal set of friends who ask their friends become a part of the ever-widening ripple that supports Marriage Equality.

Our goal was to make a quality and elevated “mini movie” to convey to those who might not yet get it — that we are here, and we are clear that “love is love” and ALL love deserves the absolute respect and dignity of the right to marry.

I hope you are as proud as I am of shepherding the ever-green love ballad of “She” to become a national anthem of civil liberty. Everyone involved in this project left egos at the door and put something together that really goes head to head with the mainstream and presents our community as gracious, elegant and DESERVING!!

So please sign up to get the word out by emailing

Much Love & Gratitude

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