Nicole’s Pick: Letter of the Week 01-23-14

Dear Ms Conn,

A bit of perspective so you can understand where I’m coming from: I live in Tennessee, very near the heart of the ‘bible belt’.  I am 70 years old, but very young at heart and quite naive at my age but I have to write to you and tell you how A Perfect Ending has affected me.

I found the movie by searching in the gay and lesbian section of Netflix (thank you for releasing this to Netflix by the way!!!) which I had never done before.  I was (note the word was) a homophobic.  It was in high school that I discovered my gay tendencies.  But in that time and in the religion I was brought up in, I’d better get my act together.  So I denied this factor all these many years and married and had children but divorced when my sons were in high school.

I don’t want this to be a story about me.  I just wanted you to know something about this person that you and your entire group of actors and people who bring movies into being, has affected so very deeply.

I found the movie on Christmas night which I spent alone (not unusual, and I was fine with that) and today as I write it is the 6th of January and I have watched that movie every single night since, last night making #12 and I will watch it again tonight.  I don’t have to tell you how great this movie is, after all you made it, but only I can tell you how, through this movie, you have brought one more beleaguered soul out into the light.  This movie has made me cast off the denial shell and get right with myself… finally.

I have NEVER seen love portrayed so perfectly in all the movie watching over my lifetime.  I so totally relate to Barbara’s character and I am totally in love with Paris.  I think in the entire time I was married I experienced orgasm 3 or 4 times and that was probably an accident.., if you will.  I simply tolerated because I knew it was the ‘right’ thing to do and my ‘inclinations’ were wrong and warped.

Nicole's Pick - Letter of the Week: CarolineAnd guess what else…  my grandson, just this past October, (he’s a Sophomore in college) told me that he is gay.  My dear brave grandson.  And this factors in as well to my new found ability to realize that I am not weird or warped; it’s certain accepted attitudes that are weird and warped.

I do have to tell you that I am not sorry to have been married because I would not have my sons let alone 3 very beautiful grandchildren… but how does this all work itself out?  How do we address this complicated mixture of emotions and needs?

Bottom line THANK YOU a million times over for this most wonderful movie.  And I might further add that I am now watching all the lesbian movies I can watch – each night a different one… but none of them hold a candle to A Perfect Ending… it stands alone.  What a totally beautiful work of art.  I don’t just watch the love scenes either, by the way, I like the entire movie and it seems each time I catch more little ‘innuendos’ that I previously missed.  May every blessing and opportunity be available to you for all your future work.

And I’ve been to Paris, more than once.., and I always loved Paris.., but now the ‘I Love Paris’ has a whole new meaning for me!!!  Jessica Clark is so absolutely gorgeous and it’s so very satisfying to know that she is openly lesbian as well!!

Again Thank You from the very depths of my heart.

Most Sincerely,


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