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Nicole Conn wins 2013 EOTM Awards Best Director – Indie or Motion Pic

2013 EOTM AWARDS: Nicole Conn - Best Director for "A Perfect Ending" The EOTM Awards event is an accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & TV Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, radio, literature, film, … [Read more...]

“A Perfect Ending” is Honest Perfection by Deb Gallardo

Firstly, this is, in the strictest definition, an art film. If you want action, a bunch of T&A, just another chick flick, or a simple linear love story, then this probably is not a film for you. Secondly, "A Perfect Ending" provides an entire range of potent emotion, from the poignant to the … [Read more...] on Nicole Conn: Empowering women through film

In coming up with a way to describe writer and film director Nicole Conn, words like inspirational and innovative whilst undoubtedly true, don’t seem to do justice to the contribution she has made to independent movie making, in terms of her commitment to making movies for women by women and in … [Read more...]

Nicole Conn on “The World Wide Release of A Perfect Ending”

What an exquisite roller-coaster we’ve been on the past few months! Just two years ago I called action and we started the production of “A Perfect Ending” starring the sublimely beautiful Barbara Niven and the uber-stunning Jessica Clark.  These actresses literally melded into their roles!  I cannot … [Read more...]

Tagg Magazine Reviews “A Perfect Ending” – Acclaimed director Nicole Conn’s new film sizzles

That the story is told with such nuance and complexity is pretty remarkable, especially for a film that was produced for under $200,000. Conn's script and direction make it more artistic. As the sequence of events unfolds, she uses a number of techniques to layer the elements so that every single … [Read more...]

A Perfect Ending is’s Movie of the Week!

This opposites-attract, edge-of-your-seat lesbian romance is a glossy, sexy and fun romantic drama guaranteed to earn a fresh array of fans for veteran writer-director Nicole Conn. Drop dead gorgeous Jessica Clark (Lilith on “True Blood”) and TV icon Barbara Niven co-star in this glossy, sexy and … [Read more...]