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Jill Parres-Gold: little man’s RT (Respiratory Therapist)

Jill Parres-Gold who is what’s known as an RT - Respiratory Therapist - every bit as important as the doctors and nurses. Jill was at the NICU with us and saved Nicholas’s life many times over. When she saw in the system he had been intubated she came to find me and we just fell into each other’s … [Read more...]

Little Man: We Are Here Now

  You always hear about it and can’t quite believe that second. That nano-second. How it can blow up your whole life.   I’ve had three such instances.  1st the news of my sisters tragic death. Then the car accident.  Healthy … that is until those Mohammed Ali airbags sucker punch … [Read more...]

Happy 12th Birthday to My “Little Man” Nicholas!

  Nicholas Says "Thank You" To his very new best friend!!! He absolutely loves this thing and is obsessed with it... Cannot believe my "little man" is turning  12 today! A moment seared into my mind and soul forever ... So grateful after Nicholas's very challenging last year that we are … [Read more...]

Gabrielle on set of SHE4ME

So proud of my daughter Gabrielle for being our SHE4ME "teen consultant" as well as lending us "puppers"!! xo Nicole … [Read more...]

Why Steve Tyler is in all of Nicole Conn’s Movies!

"Steve Tyler is my lucky charm -- I put him in ALL my movies and he plays the father of the bride in SHE4ME -- And he IS a ROCK STAR!!" xoxo Nicole Here he is larger than life around L.A.!   … [Read more...]

Call to my fellow “Love Warriors” – Nicole Conn on SHE4ME

Call to my fellow "Love Warriors" - Help us spread the SHE4ME video coming out February 14th, Valentine's Day ---the international day of love! As a proud Romantic, I was honored to conceptualize and direct a "mini-movie" celebrating the ultra-talented Jen Foster's love ballad "She" to serve as a … [Read more...]