Letters from fans and friends

Letter of the Week 3-25-13

Dear Nicole, I was profoundly moved by your story in fact I watched it today in its entirety while waiting for my 11 year-old to finish ballet. I am fairly certain the other parents sitting around me were concerned or at least curious as to why I had tears streaming down my face throughout. I … [Read more...]

Letter of the Week 3-4-13

Dear Ms. Conn, I am an American male, over 70 years old. I also grew up in Ohio! I was raised until 10/11 years old as a Catholic. I served in the USMC for 5 years, and worked in the semiconductor industry for over 40 years (VERY conservative environment). As you can imagine, I had little … [Read more...]

Letter of the Week 1-28-13

"A Perfect Ending" is a truly wonderful film. With a well written storyline, a glorious cast, great background music and stunning cinematography it's the full package! The love scenes were beautifully done and conveyed so much emotion between the characters. The movie stayed in my mind for several … [Read more...]

Letter of the Week 1-14-2013

"Simon you are a gentleman and a scholar" - Nicole   Dear Miss Conn, I’ve never written to congratulate a film maker before, despite having seen thousands of movies over the last 40 years (of all genres except gay). I am compelled to do so now because having just watched “Elena Undone” I … [Read more...]

Letter of the Week 12-15-12, Nandia

A couple of months ago my other sister Melissa and I went to see  one of the most amazing movies that I have seen my whole life. That movie is called "A Perfect Ending" by Nicole Conn (And Family), it quickly became one of my favorite movies. People who know me well would say that it's only my … [Read more...]

Letter of the Week 11-15-12, Zowee

  Dearest NicoIe, I hope all is well with you today. First and foremost I would like to give you a little background of myself. I am a from Philippines but currently based in Singapore. I am Architect by profession. I was a heart broken 4 years ago. Until now I'm still single. It's really hard to … [Read more...]