Letters from fans and friends

Little Man: We Are Here Now

  You always hear about it and can’t quite believe that second. That nano-second. How it can blow up your whole life.   I’ve had three such instances.  1st the news of my sisters tragic death. Then the car accident.  Healthy … that is until those Mohammed Ali airbags sucker punch … [Read more...]

Happy 12th Birthday to My “Little Man” Nicholas!

  Nicholas Says "Thank You" To his very new best friend!!! He absolutely loves this thing and is obsessed with it... Cannot believe my "little man" is turning  12 today! A moment seared into my mind and soul forever ... So grateful after Nicholas's very challenging last year that we are … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Pick: Letter of the Week 01-23-14

Dear Ms Conn, A bit of perspective so you can understand where I'm coming from: I live in Tennessee, very near the heart of the 'bible belt'.  I am 70 years old, but very young at heart and quite naive at my age but I have to write to you and tell you how A Perfect Ending has affected me. I … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays!

Season's Greetings! First of all I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been so supportive of Nicholas and the continuing struggles we face daily with his health and well-being. You cannot know what a significant difference it makes to feel all the love and outpourings from … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Pick: Letter of the Week 06-21-13

Dear Nicole, Like Paulo Coelho said: "When we love, it is not necessary to understand what is  happening outside because everything is happening inside us instead..." (big smile). Our community is growing up by strong voices like yours that keep fighting for a better place to live.  Here is my … [Read more...]

Nicole’s Pick: Big Sister of the Week!

Hi Nicole, My name is Tammi. I just recently saw your movie 'little man', and I can not express how much you inspire me. My little sister is turning 5 this year, which is huge for my family since she wasn't supposed to live past 4 months. She is blind, deaf, severely mentally delayed, quadriplegic, … [Read more...]