A Message from Cindy Moors, Donor Liaison for “She Walks In Beauty”


Hello Nicole Conn Film Family,

I wanted to give you some information that would make easier your exploration of Conn world.

Nicole herself

Nicole Conn, Writer/Director


The Movies. “Like” the pages and you will see Nicole’s posts.She Walks In Beauty Movie


Elena Undone

 A Perfect Ending

 The SWIB Project.


 She Walks in Beauty

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SIGN UP for the mailing list and contact Cindy directly for updates: smilincuz@gmail.com


We all love a Nicole Conn films,  I know I do and, I want to see many more of them in the future. That is why it is important for me to financially support Nicole Conn Films. My life has been changed, so much for the better, and I’ve seen so many post of people, who have said the same thing, about the stories Nicole tells, and the devotion she has for the Lesbian community. Join with me in supporting her, as she supports us.


-Cindy Moors



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