What’s your favorite love scene

We love to watch them, but how do they happen? Lesbian Love scenes are, by far, the most DIFFICULT scenes to envision, create, and certainly to execute. The love scene between Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie in “Elena Undone” is my favorite scene of “Elena Undone.” I have been so fortunate that Tal Lazar (my soul-brother) and cinematographer extraodinaire helps to design a look that creates the tone… what I want the viewer to feel when they see a film. I”ve just finished cutting THREE love scenes for “A Perfect Ending” – each uniquely designed, and all three extremely different. They too were the most difficult, but ohhh, how rewarding. At some point I’ll poll everyone and ask which of the three of the love scenes between Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark they like the most.

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