Weekend Life For Mommy CoCo


OMG… what a weekend…My dear friend, Fontessa DeRidder (pictured above), an insanely beautiful, talented writer/director (who has been one of the people I most rely on for feedback) and who is one of the Co-Producers of “A Perfect Ending” was here watching my universe as I was in ultimate chaos zone.  At the very final moments of editing frantically to do my FINAL LOCK of APE when we heard the first of 17 knocks at the door of my home office: David: “can I go to the Y Dance?”, Gabrielle: “I’m hungry!” Knock Knock: Lauren, wide-eyed with ecstasy that she’d found the perfect pencil skirt at Forever 21.  Back to my computer… Then, Alex: “Dude, can my bf, legit, no legit, dude (and other similar vernacular that, roughly translated means, “Since I’ve been so good can my beau come to family night?”  Daisha: “Is this dress too tight?”  “You dancing?”  “No”  “Then it can pass” (like me – in my fashionably shabby-director wear should EVER give dressing tips!) Fontessa just kept laughing with each successive knock and said, “I don’t know how you do it…with them running in and out every other second” -Fontessa is not yet a mother… all you moms out there know… you just do, cuz you can’t live with ’em, you can’t beat ’em!  (So teasing PC people.)


Finally, I have the LOCKED master of “A Perfect Ending” completed (well without sound or color finished) but after thousands upon thousands of hours of editing, I can actually say I’m absolutely at peace, happy and so beyond proud of the collaboration that has become what I believe is my very best work to date.  To celebrate, I did what Mommy CoCo does to get REJUVED… I had a good long snuggle with my “little man” who cracked up from a bday card he had been sent until he literally couldn’t catch his breath and then settled down for a “Brothers & Sisters” -A-THON with the fam… The girls had never seen it so we just vegged, pigged out on Panda (not me – and trust me – it’s so not because I’m a health nut but I loathe fast food) and basically watched an older version of our dysfunctional and motley crew but with better hair and makeup!  Afterwards, Gabrielle taught me pool on the iPad and we racked like pros until almost 3 in the morning… specialnite… so long since I’ve been able to do just “stuff.” — And then until 7 am I just took in how grateful I am for EVERY single person who has been involved with this film… the list is several miles long… you all know who you are… I am so humbled, honored and happy…. Hope you all had similarly(but perhaps less weird) delightful weekends… xoN


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