The Amazing Cast & Crew of “A Perfect Ending”


I’ve had such a “life-altering” experience on the set of “A Perfect Ending.” It’s like every incredible cast and crew member had been hand-picked by fate to converge at this moment in time; where 40 some odd people heard “Action” – and magic ensued for the next 3 weeks solid. These exceptional artists put their hearts and souls into this film and I kept raising the bar artistically. They continued to not only to jump on board but then raise their OWN bar of excellence. The entire shoot everyone was full of so much love, respect and support for this project it’s virtually been an endless Kumbaya fest!!

And then there’s Barbara Niven, who’s worked for over 25 years in the biz and told us this is the BEST experience she’s ever had. She truly has given us the performance of a life-time – Gena Rowlands meets Meryl Streep – brave and courageous! She will certainly be a hero to women over 40, but women of all ages will fall in love with her. Jessica Clark is not only amazingly stunning, but possesses unbelievable range and nuance. She was tailor made for the role of Paris. We found an incredible ingĂ©nue, Kerry Knuppe who we joke: “if Natalie Portman, Jennifer Garner, and Rachel McAdams all had a baby it would be Kerry!” And then there’s Morgan Fairchild Nicole Connwho is wickedly delicious and John Heard who’s – well, genius. And last, but not least, our fabu Suzanne Westenhoefer as saucy “Texas Red” Sylvie.

The Goddesses kept throwing lightning bolts of abundance on this project. We landed some Mega locations that makes our small film look like it was shot for 2 mil. My cinematographer, Tal Lazar’s genius lighting, and the painstaking and ingenious ways everyone from the art dept to the the poor Wardrobe girl that was told, “okay here’s 300.00 bucks — go make everyone look like they’re in Armani clothing” — and all these crazy insane worker bees jumped through hoops, often working 18 hour days to make this film the best film it could be.

And now that I’m editing — I see that what I thought was magicNicole Conn Facebook on set, truly has exceeded my greatest hopes. So all my kids and Marina know where to find me no matter what time of day it is: “the cave” — where my faithful Final Cut, coffee and I hibernate frame by GORGEOUS frame.

Speaking of which, I’ve got to get back to work! Hope this finds you happy and well… Myself, I’m pretty damn delirious!!

With Great Warmth & Affection,

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