Most Raw Evocative Love Scene You’ve Ever Seen

The other day Marina and I were freaking out about finances, (along with the rest of America!) and I left the room, exasperated with all of our six kids’ expenses, sat at my editing bay (in my cave and thank you all that have offered to send me coffee and chocolates — diet of champions I know, but it gets me through my 18 hour days!) and I jumped right in and stopped. OMG. Who cares about finances. I’m sitting here with riches beyond measure. I’m in love with the most glorious partner, Marina, who has to put up with my Scorpio insanity and obsession with “A Perfect Ending” — & I have six amazing kids. Nicholas tapped me on the chest: Y. O. U. “You…I love you” the other night!!!! and I’m involved with the best film I’ve ever made (besides “little man” altho they are apples and oranges) and looking at the love scene, which we’ve now screened for 7 people who all agree — it is the most RAW, EXQUISITE love scene they have ever seen.

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