My little man sings “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”

Here’s my little man singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with his very own special arrangement. I was pleased to be in an Oreo snuggle, Gabrielle on one side Nicholas on the other. Gabrielle and I were going through family pics, cracking up and enjoying her Christmas village she put up. Nicholas saw the village, spun around and confused asked, “Christmas Tree?” We nave NEVER put them together separate and it made m realize just how much Nicholas does connect the dots. Right after that blissful, unequaled time with my kids, I was getting ready for bed and Nicholas spiked to 104, hacking terribly. I was like, Really? It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. And then realized once again that was the lesson: Stop. Think. “Be Here Now.” What is going on your life right this moment? Are you detached, half-in, half-out, wishing you were somewhere else? I’m truly blessed. Nicholas always reminds me that to roll with him is to be in the moment. You have no other choice.

Grateful for everyone of you that contact me in one form or another every day and feel eternally blessed my brave “little man” and my heart-filled Gabrielle and all of you as my film family.

Happy holidays!!
Love & gratitude,

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