Kathy Fowler & The Music of “A Perfect Ending”

Hi Lovelies.. Since everyone has been commenting on the music so much I wanted you to know I had the honor of meeting Kathy Fowler (along with daughter/filmmaker Jessie) this weekend who you will all soon know as the “amazing love scene voice.” Kathy is Lisa Gerard and then some!! I am breathless every time I hear the absolute STRENGTH (you can hear the history of woman throughout time in her limitless range — from haunting primal to exultant ecstasy) as she sings Faure’s Pavane in “A Perfect Ending.”

Kathy is the wife of one of our two brilliant composers, Bob Fowler who arranged the Pavane for Kathy as well as the end credits music you hear on the 2nd Sneak Peak OML.com brought to you a few weeks ago.

The first piece of music is by our other equally genius Stephen Ridley and you’re hearing part of the opening sequence, which if I don’t say so myself is quite dazzling.

Now I know I’m the most demanding director in the world when it comes to music because I truly believe it is the soul of the film. Ask Bob and Stephen…they’ve both wanted to thrash me several times over! But between the exquisite score, the two leads a veritable feast of GORGEOUSNESS, and my DP Tal Lazar’s incredible eye you will understand why I refer to this film as a Cine-Sation…visually, auditory, and I can promise you…you will definitely FEEL the film, especially if you are able to see it in a theater. As Dean our sound guru says, the film is SCRUMPTIOUS. I totally concur. Happy Weekend to you all…xoNicole

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