Just a Quickie To Say It’s DOOOOONNNNNNE!!!!!

A Perfect Ending, directed by Nicole Conn

I must say…I am sooooo happy with the way this film has turned out for many reasons…chief amongst which is that Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark have created what I would humbly say is one of the most incredible love scenes I have ever witnessed…accompanied by Bob Fowler’s amazing score of Pavane with his wife Kathy’s exquisitely haunting vocals…but also because this is the most artistic film I have made…not a luxury small budgets can usually afford… but Marina kept getting us more $ …So I was able to make a film that is truly gorgeous…I love all my films like my children… but there is something extraordinary about “A Perfect Ending” and for me, it is my best work… and I thank you all endlessly for your vigilant support, resources of all kinds (feeding me in my cave!!) and love…if it takes a small village to raise a child it takes a small country to make an indie film these days! XONicole

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