I Left My Host In San Francisco

OMG. We have talked about creating a film family throughout the course of “A Perfect Ending’s” auspicious Kick-Starter beginning, and as we’ve gotten to know more and more of our family each one of them becomes REAL LIFE family …and then there’s that favorite cousin you have that you’ve heard about but never really understood HOW incredible she was until this family reunion.

Cathy Brooks is that cousin (I’d say aunt but then she might shoot me!) – Who knew we were also getting the Hostess from Heaven? Cathy Brooks, web/internet rock star and web radio guru became our personal tour guide and reservation-maker. She hired a car for us one night to help logistics, gave massages, entertained with only her special brand of humor, yenta’d’, made sure as our Jewish grandma we’d not only have enough to eat, but even had my coffee heated (no, I’m not a Diva…I’m just an intolerably precise, OCD ridden, overly particular artiste!) Cathy didn’t just take care of my needs (which are huge!) but EVERYONE ELSE’S TOO!!! with grace, generosity, and her ever-wicked humor. Need a cab? Before you could turn around she was piling us into waiting cars by the bushel. Need a sewing kit in the sahara desert? “Here ya go dearie, just remember the needle’s a little crooked.”) Need to vomit before your world premiere, “Not to worry, here’s a golden bucket.” There is nothing this woman cannot do- and on a moment’s notice. She kept nerves calm, solved every problem that arose, and my God, we were never late for ANYTHING… and there were like 20 CAMP APE members at the Carlton.

We thank you Cathy. We love you. And we are so honored to have you be a special family member- Cathy Brooks, “The Hostest with the Mostest.”

Finally OMG… When I got back I could not come down off the high! During the drive home, Mary sacked out, Marina not far behind on while I just kept replaying over and over the unbelievable night from start to finish with the Epochalips Party! Man, that place was filled with such love and so many people just buoyed me up for the BIG MOMENT. For the first time ever, I had no nerves. For the first time ever, I watched the film as a viewer… what a gift for me to be with the audience, not judging whether they liked it or not! The biggest thrill was the spontaneous applause after the love scene… and the Rebecca Goes Wild scene. As Cathy said, “The Castro isn’t exactly a chaste neighborhood, but when A Perfect Ending premiered during Frameline, no question that Barbara put the big O in Castro.” The after-party which lasted until 3am was just the cherry on the top. Celebrating the best first stop we could have imagined. When Marina and I got home I said, “Do you feel completely out of your body? Did all this just really happen?” While she nodded in the affirmative she replied, “I have no idea where my body is.” After we got home I stayed up until 6:30am and then the vomiting and fevers didn’t stop for 48 hours… I’m just now crawling into a sitting position trying to catch up with what actually did happen in San Francisco!

One thing I Know for sure, Cathy Brooks, YOU, doll, are the real deal. I cannot thank you deeply enough for all that you did to make this the extraordinary experience it has been. Much love and big Mwaaahs to you..xoNicole

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