“Gone With The Wind” and my Romance Test


I have my top ten film list and naturally “Gone With The Wind” is in it… I mean what kind of romantic would I be, if not for “Gone With The Wind” ?  I read the book in my 11th summer and, after finishing the last page, read it immediately again, formed an extreme crush on Clark Gable – well, actually I think I wanted to BE Clark Gable (but that’s a whole other story).

So Marina and I shared this Oscar-winning film, which held the record for most Oscars for TWENTY years (until “Ben-Hur”), for our family night movie…  I told our girls, 11, 14, 17, and 28 that this is where I first “got” the global nature of our high seas romance and the reality of supply and demand as it relates to romantic endeavors.  Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable (number one best casting to book characters hands down for me) as Scarlett O’Hara pines for Ashley and the dashing Rhett Butler pines for Scarlett – truly the only woman for him, while lame-o Ashley seems to have his cake and eat it, too.  Why is it we want what we can’t have?  And why do we toss aside those who treat us so well?  Thank God I no longer have to ask myself that as I’m madly in love with my soul mate and she with me.


So here’s my very simple (and extremely scientific) Romance Test.

Does Scarlett get Rhett back?

1)  No.  Frankly, Rhett really doesn’t give a damn:  Romance just isn’t your thing.

2) Possibly they meet at some random barbecue, see one another, have  a night of passionate reconnection, but too much has happened, and that’s the real end of the story:  You’re a Pragmatic Romantic.

3) Rhett comes out of mourning for all the characters that drop like flies at the end of the film, returns to Scarlett who is now married to Ashley (remember she promised Melanie to watch over him) and then Scarlett sees Rhett on the side because face it, he’s so much better in bed:  A Dysfunctional Romantic.

4) Scarlett continues as the survivor she is and gets her man back.  They return to Tara accompanied by deeply burnished red sunsets (love that remastering) along with the overwrought but epic score playing in the background:  A High Seas Romantic like Moi.  (Even our 11-year old, Gabrielle said, “Really, Mom?  After what she put him through?”


What Film informed YOUR concept of Romance??












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