Emerging Back Out Into The World!

Hello, all you lovely awesome people – I have– yes… I have tiptoed out of my cave after our Sundance submission cut was completed…but it took me a few weeks to get used to the bright lights and the world again!!!

I feel so blessed, grateful, elated… this movie has been a journey for all principals involved and it continues to morph and stretch into the gorgeous film it’s becoming.  I love our wonderful movie that we’ve made with our amazing film family.   I will sum it up this way: I had a sound mixer helping us on a pass who’s a traditional old time cowboy – Fred has worked in the industry with John Wayne (and everybody else in the biz since then!!!)  He and I both were talking about when films were cut on a flatbed and how far it’s come just from the 20 years ago I started.  He’s been there, done that, seen it all.

He’s packing up his gear and turns to me at the end of our very looooong day and tells me,  “you got one helluva movie on your hands, and Barbara’s performance,” he paused getting a little choked up, “is right up there with any… and I mean ANY I’ve ever seen.”  — He could not get over the production value, the amazing acting across the board, but what stunned him the most was Barbara’s absolute bravery and courage to play this role in “the most honest way” one can ever play it.  You will know what we’re talking about when you see the film.  Jessica, he thought, might be the most stunning woman ever… he was also thrilled with her performance.  I have to say I felt very gratified when he turned to me and said, “Those two women trusted you like I have never seen in this business — to go where they’ve gone with you — that is trust you over the edge of a cliff.” Since I pride myself on being an actor’s director it was the highest compliment he could have paid me!  Thanks Fred!!

So before I tiptoe back into the cave to do the final version of the film, I did just want to say hello to everyone and please, FB folks and all the people I am normally in contact with, please know I don’t even see my emails right now — I have the lovely Jessica Murray (Soul Kiss’s new exec assistant to Marina and I) helping us co-ordinate everything so we can finish locking the film.  She is caretaker of my email currently and so know that I will be getting back to everyone as quickly as I can.

Finally, I have a contest I want to run — let me know how you think we should do it.  I used to think “Claire of the Moon” was the most “repeatedly watched” movie ever…. I had people writing (well letters back then) who claimed to watch it 3 times a week, 69 times in one month, every Sunday evening, every date night….you name it.  But “Elena Undone” may be giving “Claire” a run for her money.  I would love to find the person who has watched “Elena Undone” the most times…  We’re talking dedication and true commitment to the arts here right? (and just rewinding and watching the longest kiss in cinema history doesn’t count!). We, here at Soul Kiss, are always trying to come up with fun and groovy things for everyone to take part in.

Also, shout out to Tom Willey and wife, Jane … They sent me coffee and chocolate to help me while I was hibernating in the cave, but my FAVORITE thing that they sent me is a placard for my office door entitled:  Wo-Man Cave

Hope you’re all getting ready for Halloween and havin’ a great Fall…

Much love and CoCo Hugs!

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