Cine-Sation – A Perfect Ending

A Perfect Ending

Having finished the final lock of our film, “A Perfect Ending” at 5:43 am Saturday morning. I sat back, hit play, admittedly very bleary eyed, when I realied I had shut down the dialogue tracks accidentally.  What the heck…I let it run and then realized what I was watching was an experience.   I watched more and more, thinking about what people always ask me:  “Why do you want to make film.”   Because I want to provoke people to think, to examine a different way of being, to expose them to an entirely new universe they would never otherwise have the experience of knowing.

It’a “Cine-Sation” I thought to myself.  That’s what our wonderful little film is:  Cine-Sation – it’s a film you FEEL not just watch.   I loved that.   Much how I feel about Martin Scorcese’s “Age of Innocence” and “Casino” — two movies I could just watch and listen to all day long.   I fell asleep with these images playing in my head… ahhhh heavenly… sweet sweet dreams!

By the way, MAKE SURE to MARK YOUR CALENDAR so that you can learn more about our Cine-sation when I am joined by stars Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark for a special Valentine’s Sweet Peek on February 13th at 7pm PST.


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