Best Pediatrician in the WORLD!

Nic & DrDiamond 2013wCoCodAs many of you know, my dear “little man” Nicholas was born severely premature
weighing 1 pound, 100 days early. Now eleven, he’s spent his whole little life
dealing with the ramifications of being a preemie. After his 2nd ER visit within the
last 4 months, both times for pneumonia and this last time an added UTI, this is
one mom who would have completely fallen apart without the incredible grace,
respect and love that Nicholas’ pediatrician has given our family not just during
this stressful last two weeks but every day since his release from the NICU, eleven
years ago.

When I first met Dr. Kimberly Diamond she was sitting by Nicholas’ isolette early
in the morning. She was back-lit from the morning sun, so I didn’t see her face until
I was almost on top of her. “OMG!!” I thought, “I’ve made the worst mistake, EVER!”
She couldn’t be a day over 24. I was soooo wrong. She had already been in practice
for 8 years. As you can see from her picture today, she remains her youthful, zesty
and humorous self, looking 15 years her junior.

No matter what’s been going on, from the first four years when Nicholas LIVED in
the hospital, Dr. D would keep 2 huge notebooks on her desk, ordering her staff to
leave them heaped upon her desk so she could reference them for the thousands
of phone calls I’ve made to her from hospital and home, where she then made even
more phone calls to the endless throng of specialists Nicholas has seen. She actually
made house calls in the early years when Nicholas was so compromised she was
worried about him traveling to her office. She’s never spent less than 15 minutes
with me on the phone, and often times close to an hour, calling back within minutes,
completely at the ready, and if she doesn’t know something she finds someone
who does, STAT!! A couple of years there we were on the phone two, three times a
day. She’s given me her cell phone, the private back line to the office. She’s sat and
pondered endless hours about what to do with Nicholas during one of his endless
anomalies. And, unlike myself, she never gets frustrated. Even when I ply her with
stacks of papers to fill out for the relentless bureaucracy that is the back-drop of
our lives. A billion emails later and she’s still “got your back, mom” as she tries to
unravel the confounding results of Nicholas’s labs.

Dr. D sees Nicholas as her “little man.” She always gently explains to Nicholas
what she’s doing every step of her examinations. She teases and jokes with him.
Her genuine care for him is palpable and reassuring. She’s one of the few doctors
(amongst the hundreds who’ve examined Nicholas) who not only believes in
Nicholas but knows he’s totally “all in there” and treats him with respect and

I’m blessed by amazing nurses, wonderful friends and family who love and adore
Nicholas, but the absolute cherry on the top is Kim Diamond. When you’re hunting
for a doctor for your baby you want the VERY best. When your child has medical
complications you need the VERY finest, not just in craft but in character. Dr.
Diamond is all that and more. She’s your fellow commiserator, the tender shoulder

for parental hysteria, the granite rock you so desperately need when your son’s
temp just hit 107. Someone you can always count on. Humble, human and always
Nicholas’s biggest cheerleader, Dr. Diamond truly has a calling for the science and
art that is medicine.

With Love & Gratitude, Mommy Coco

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