Sunday Morning Memories…

Sunday morning I took a wee break from “A Perfect Ending” ( which is now just a few weeks from a picture lock to sit with Marina and watch the “Exclusive Elena Undone Extras.”

As soon as we saw the first frames of deleted scenes, heard commentary I had recorded last year and saw behind the scenes footage I had never even laid eyes on… well, we really had a warm, fuzzy fest.  Much of that was due to the fact that Fontessa DeRidder, (Happy Birthday!) Soul Kiss’s Director Of Development, (a brilliant writer/director herself) edited this beautiful piece.

It was lovely to wax nostalgic: pondering the extraordinary performances by Traci DinWiddie and Necar Zadegan as Peyton and Elena, the breathtaking cinematography (genius, Tal Lazar).  Yes I had to have a mope or two watching the deleted scenes, but the biggest ‘waaaah’ was revisiting an entire story line that had been threaded throughout the movie but had to be cut for time. This shocks people when they realize this footage was once a part of Elena’s history.  But, in the end, it wasn’t necessary to tell Elena’s story with Peyton.

Seeing our home (which, between both Soul Kiss’s last two movies, we had shot every square centimeter of – kid you not – and a lot of them twice just redressed!)  that we no longer live in made Marina and I get a tad misty.

We blended our families there, created our film family there, solidified Soul Kiss Films there, ventured into our 2nd feature in 2 years equal parts sets, prod offices, editing cave but mostly home-sweet-home all happened in that space.

And, well, our “little man” Nicholas learned to speak in that house.  My one pound preemie learned to spell, hug, give great big kisses and really relate to humanity with his new family and in this home.  I guess that house was one of high creativity, rebirth, and moving on.

Watching the video made Marina and I so very grateful to you all… for being involved with this huge collective of women and men; partners, straight and LGBT, preemie parents, all you fellow veterans of the NICU, (we are all automatically family) and bound by our love of good stories and, yes, romance – we proudly keep growing in numbers.

So, to me, our huge family is sufficiently large enough to be considered a movement.  We are all unified in bringing the world the greatest lesbian and women’s themed films, films that provoke the audience to feel, think, but the greatest reward: go along for the ride.  Thank you!

And thank you for always staying in touch, sending all those extraordinary emails, updates, FB posts and twitter luvs!

Back to work…I’ve left you just a whisper of what’s inside these Extras… fun stuff!

“Elena Undone”, the official selection of over 50 festivals, was the number one lesbian film of 2010 for a reason, and now there’s even more to love. Get up close and personal with the stunning Necar Zadegan (of tv’s 24) and the super-hot Traci Dinwiddie (of tv’s Supernatural). Watch deleted scenes, the surprising storyline that didn’t make it into the film, and writer/director Nicole Conn’s favorite version of the now infamous love scene. Get the inside scoop on the making of “Elena Undone” from Nicole herself, and watch her exciting new cut of the history-making “Longest Kiss”. If you already own the DVD, we love you and here’s the good news – most of this even you have never seen before! Oh, and we forgot to mention the best part of all – every dollar of your purchase goes directly to completing our new film “A Perfect Ending”!

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