little man: The Movie

Year Produced: 2005
Directed By: Nicole Conn
Starring: Lily Chow, Michele Hakakha, Nicholas James Baba-Conn,   Nicole

Sometimes the greatest love story is about your very own family.

little man is the story of how a micro-preemie brought a family to its knees. When Nicholas is born 100 days early, he weighs only one pound and faces impossible odds for survival.

As he struggles for life, so struggle filmmaker Nicole Conn and political activist Gwen Baba to keep their family from disintegrating under the unrelenting stress and chaos of hospitals, emergency medical crises and a crushing blow to trust.

The winner of 12 Best Documentary awards at film festivals across the country, little man explores the core of the human spirit as a family realizes that they are capable of enduring what they never thought possible.


“An unusually honest film. An inspiration.” – New York Times

“Conn makes Michael Moore look like an impartial observer.” – Miami’s The Weekly News

“An edge-of-your-seat, heart-in-your-throat suspense story.” – Los Angeles Times

“Outstanding from every perspective: humanly emotionally, educationally, and artistically. Every parent, every person working with preterm infants and their families must see this movie.” -Dr. Heidelise Als, Children’s Hospital, Boston

“potent documentary… well-crafted. Compacts what must have been a huge quantity of raw footage into two crisp, engrossing, head-long yet never hectic hours. Passionate… inspirational.” – Dennis Harvey, Variety

little man: The Movie

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