A Perfect Ending

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Best Feature Producer Winner –
Nicole Conn and Marina Rice Bader
“A Perfect Ending”

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Year Produced: 2012
Directed By: Nicole Conn
Starring: Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark, John Heard, Morgan Fairchild

In 2011, Soul Kiss Films embarked on its second major project, the new film “A Perfect Ending” by Nicole Conn. The film is now available to view via Video on Demand!


“Barbara Niven deserves accolades for her stunning, compelling performance in A Perfect Ending.” – R. E. Bradshaw

“The love scenes are truly a work of art – this is the perfect date night movie.” – Jennifer S.

“Jessica Clark is not to be missed in this extraordinary and complex film. Along with veteran Barbara Niven (who is now one of my heroes) they weave a story you’ll never forget.” – Kimberly B.

“The kind of story that draws you in, makes your heart ache, race and sing all at the same time. Please don’t let this movie end…” – Sue C.

For more about this exciting project, please visit the movie’s website: www.aperfectendingmovie.com

scenes from A Perfect Ending movie by Nicole Conn

“…Special mention must be made of the two leading ladies, upon whose shoulders and within each one’s patient and paced unfolding this entire movie sits, and a glowing mention it will be. To say that Jessica Clark is beautiful is like calling Mother Teresa a nice lady; it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of her magnificence. She possesses an effortless grace and intelligence, managing to hold onto a vulnerable innocence that is belied by its strength and confidence, an almost equine and majestic presence, making those private moments the audience gets to watch her be overtaken by her raw, broken and haunting memories all the more heart-wrenching. And Barbara Niven is perfect, delivering a fully present, honest and fearless interpretation of a woman at an interesting fork in her road, in a role seemingly written with her in mind. She breathes a life into this character that attaches you to the outcome of the story in a way you don’t expect, the performance is executed with such seasoned ease, and leaves you thinking about her long after the final credits have rolled. I had the opportunity to meet her at the screening and get a quick hug, so I speak from experience when I say she is even more beautiful and gracious in person, and she has a new admirer in me!”
— Sherry Marcus


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