Letter of the Week 4-18-12, Kerry

Hello Nicole,

My name is Kerry Hinson.  Last night my husband, children and I sat down to watch a family movie… usually my husband doesn’t like to watch documentaries, but yours caught our eye – ”Little Man” …. we were unsure if we wanted our children to watch, but by the time we started our 8 year old and 6 year old begged us to finish watching it .. and we did …. I must say your strength is amazing. As a mother I know I would have tried anything if it had been my child, and that’s what you did.  My husband -who never gets into documentaries- was on the edge of his seat and we routed everytime something unexpected happened… We kept praying through the whole thing, I didn’t know quite what I was going to say when I wrote you… but now I do, Thank You!!!   Thank you for sharing the reality of the NICU, the reality that bad things happen all the time but wonderful outcomes can happen.  Thank you for sharing your compassion, love and mothering instict with the rest of the world… I truly admire you 🙂


-Kerry Hinson

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