Letter of the Week 3-4-13

Dear Ms. Conn,

I am an American male, over 70 years old. I also grew up in Ohio! I was raised until 10/11 years old as a Catholic. I served in the USMC for 5 years, and worked in the semiconductor industry for over 40 years (VERY conservative environment). As you can imagine, I had little contact with enlightened people. I have seen all your films except “Little Man”. I wish I had been exposed to these films as a very young man, as I believe I would have embraced them then, much s I do now. The films have fully developed, human beings, not the card-board stereotypes often portrayed. I have come to think that I am (spiritually) a lesbian stuck in a man’s body. I am not gay, but the tender and caring lovemaking you display in your films, is what I have always tried to achieve. My father abused my mother to the point she had a hysterectomy, so I was always concerned about being too aggressive in bed.

I have talked to all my children (5) about your films, they love them as well. I seldom write to someone in this manner, but felt compelled to contact you. I hope some schools or college classes study your work.

Regards, George McGill

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