Letter of the Week 3-25-13

Dear Nicole,
I was profoundly moved by your story in fact I watched it today in its entirety while waiting for my 11 year-old to finish ballet. I am fairly certain the other parents sitting around me were concerned or at least curious as to why I had tears streaming down my face throughout.

I fell in love with you and Nicholas and your unwavering support to this sweet angel. I guess it is hard to say what any of us might choose to do given we would be in the same situation. I do know having my little boy at the time (18mos.), now 14! was in ICU for a short week which was a test of our love, patience, strength as a family…and we experienced only a fraction of what you went through– however, a mother’s love runs deep, to the core and I would have done anything to keep my angel with us. So I understand this love so deep.

I was very moved that you proceeded in filming your journey with Nicholas. It was just astounding to see his life, spirit, progress, – thank you for sharing this. It is the glimpses of joy, the blinking of an eye or smile that reaches deep into the soul…those are the things that a family celebrates and you have that much more to take in.

God love you all and Nicole for your incredible courage, thank you. It helped to put my challenges into perspective. At the same time, I realized that it is ok to feel the pain and reach out to others, see other’s challenges and feel this amazing rush of human life and our existence as a whole. Half way through this documentary, I kept thinking, please don’t take this “little man” away after all he had been through. I think that I held my breath for the last 30 minutes of the film! Nicole, you are an incredible spirit and those that receive your love, friendship, mothering are incredibly lucky. Your soulful connection to your “little man” made all the difference and I certainly hope this helps other parents going through similar situations.

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing more about Nicholas’s milestones. His smile is just beautiful and infectious…bless you all.

Christine Rosati Yoos


Christine with her children Lily and Jakob; photo taken by her husband.

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