Letter of the week 12-5-2011

Dear Nicole Conn,

During the course of my life time I’ve encounter many people that never seamed to mean anything special to me, until I met her. I’m writing because I need you to know what “Elena Undone” has done for me. My current partner and I got Netflix after Blockbuster went out of business, she asked me to watch this movie that in her words was “really cute.” I was a little hesitant to watch it because the media is so corrupt now in days and all they show in Gay/Lesbian movies are tragedy, cheating, and sex; They forget to show how sometimes we also can have a happy ending.

The day before, I had a conversation with God and I prayed for him to help me, to help me forget about the memories that would enter my soul and move my world with a single thought. I wanted to let her go; To let her live her life without my emotional thoughts back tracking her, but I couldn’t do it on my own. I thought that was what I needed, for me to move on in this world without always remembering how I could move mountains for the woman I love.

Watching the film “Elena Undone” after my conversation with God was much too ironic, at first I thought that was God’s funny way of telling me he couldn’t help me; But after the scene of Elena taking pictures of Payton I understood perfectly what he was saying. I can’t just erase this person from my mind and expect to live a “normal” life by forgetting her. I have to remember, I have to remember every bit of soul ripping memory I have from her, because by not having the chance of physically touching her I don’t have much to take with me for our next encounter in our next life time. By watching this film, I understood what my body, mind, and soul were trying to say to me all these years. No matter where I am, who I’m with, what my destiny would be like, in the end my twin flame is the only person that I need to take with me, everyone else will serve as a support group that will lead me to my encounter of my happy ending.

I want to thank you and your partner for bringing hope into my world. Thank You.


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