Letter of the Week 11-15-12, Zowee

  Dearest NicoIe,

I hope all is well with you today. First and foremost I would like to give you a little background of myself. I am a from Philippines but currently based in Singapore. I am Architect by profession. I was a heart broken 4 years ago. Until now I’m still single. It’s really hard to be away from family since I am working in another place plus the fact that i have never been inlove again for four years. Sometimes, I even asked myself what if I’ll be forever single? What if there’s really no one meant for me? I must say I miss being with someone but I already surrendered my longingness to have a partner. I lift everything to what God has planned for me.

Just recently, i was browsing online then found the clip of your “Elena Undone”. All I can say was “Oh God!”

Nicole, I cant find enough words to describe what I’ve felt when I saw your movie. It really inspired me in so many ways. It gives me hope. You may not believe this but I listened to your film everyday while working (just listening to it because we are not allowed to watch movie while working =)  Then before I go to bed I watch it over and over again. Just today, I’ve searched for all the films you created. And I’m so excited to know that you’re doing those kinds of films.

That’s the reason why I sent you this message. Because I want to thank you for creating good films relating to same sex relationships. Since the time I’ve watched “The L Word” I have been longing to see movies like that focusing on women to women relationship. Thank you Nicole, thank you for bringing ‘LOVE’ back in my life (since the day my heart was broken I already stopped believing in love or soulmate). Thank you for making my day everyday. Your film keep me sane and keep me believe that someday, somewhere someone will find me. I love your film so much. Please continue to do this kind of film to inspire hopeless people like me. Your movies are the reasons why I feel the love of  being inlove without someone with me. And I really thank you for that.

More power to you, to your partner, and your passion. May God continue to bless you with more inspiring films, good health and more funds so you can create more films. From the bottom of my heart Nicole, THANK YOU!!!


Zowee from Singapore

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