Letter of the Week 1-15-12

I just watched your documentary for the first time, and my heart just
broke for you and your family. I was never supposed to have children,
and my boyfriend was never supposed to have children either. I had
surgery in February ’10, to remove tumors and endometriosis from my
uterus. 3 months later, my boyfriend and I conceived our son. He was
born in march ’11, and every day with him has been my dream come true.
I didn’t have any serious complications during labor, except I had to
have an emergency c-section because his heart rate started to drop
after 17 hours of labor. But he was an overdue baby (my due date was
march 5, he was born march 10).

He is now 8 months old, and is 3 months advanced on his motor and
learning skills. He was in the same room as me as I watched this
documentary. I found myself going over to him constantly (as I watched
this) and gave him so many kisses (so many he started whining at me
and pushing me away).

I cried my heart out as I watched what you and your family had to go
through. Every time I saw Nicholas smile, it tore at my heart. I wish I
could meet this little Angel, who is forever engraved into my heart. I
will pray that he continues to grow strong and older.

I cannot even express how grateful I am that you and your family (and
Nicholas, of course) pulled through that horrible, painful time. It is
so amazing how preemies fight for life. He put up the ultimate fight,
he is just absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your story with
the world, takes a lot of courage and strength to have to share
something so painful with people you don’t know.

Your daughter Gabrielle handled herself (at such a young age I might
add) with such grace and respect. She is the epitome of what a sibling
should be.

Thank you again, you opened my eyes to all things that are wonderful,
and showed me how to be even more grateful for the life and the things
that I have.

– Tiffani Jahnke

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