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Sometimes the only way to find your life is to walk away from it.

What would you give for a chance to start over?

A chance to find redemption? A chance to love again?


Writer Spencer K. Atwood wants it all. Handsome, talented, and driven to succeed, she approaches the Los Angeles film scene. But her cruise down Hollywood’s dazzling fast lane soon becomes a dizzying blur of ambition, obsession, and sexual abandon that inevitably careens out of control…and costs her everything.

In the wake of this wreckage, Spencer travels to Oregon and rents an isolated oceanside cottage. As she looks back over her life trying to figure out how her passions have driven her she begins to understand the threats to her soul. Spencer returns to the one thing that will heal her: her writing. She begins Cynara, a sweeping epic set against the haunting backdrop of Paris in the twenties. Spencer’s gripping novel recounts the passionate life—and loves—of notorious lesbian writer Byron Harrington and the reclusive sculptress, Cynara. As she writes from her depths, Spencer begins to believe that maybe, just maybe, she can regain what’s really important to her…

From the renowned filmmaker and novelist, Nicole Conn, creator of Claire of the Moon (book and film), Moments (The Making of Claire of the Moon), and Cynara, Poetry in Motion (film), comes this defining romantic work.

RAVE reviews for Nicole Conn’s work:

“Intelligent and beautifully atmospheric…the very definition of love and intimacy.” —Paul Burchall, Los Angeles Reader

“…graceful, sensual and persuasive…smart and impressively articulate…” —Kevin Thomas, LA Times

“…handsome, heartfelt love story…” —Jay Carr, The Boston Globe

“…Frank Capra of the Nineties…” —Marjorie Baumgarten, The Austin Chronicle

“…earnest, slow-burning romance…” —Janet Maslin, NY Times

Originally published by Naiad Press 2001

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