Nicole Conn on “The World Wide Release of A Perfect Ending”

A Perfect Ending, directed by Nicole ConnWhat an exquisite roller-coaster we’ve been on the past few months! Just two years ago I called action and we started the production of “A Perfect Ending” starring the sublimely beautiful Barbara Niven and the uber-stunning Jessica Clark.  These actresses literally melded into their roles!  I cannot think of any other actresses on the planet that could have done more justice to the characters of Rebecca and Paris.  Nor can I think of a better supporting cast than Morgan Fairchild, John Heard, Mary Wells, Imelda Corcoran and Kerry Knuppe.  I believe the stellar cast, incredible cinematography (Tal Lazar) and poignantly haunting score (Stephen Ridley and Bob Fowler) all converged together to make a pretty damn good movie!


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