Digital Journal Interview – A Perfect Ending has crossover appeal

Nicole Conn, photo by Marina Rice BaderFrom Anca Dumitre’s interview with Nicole Conn, “A Perfect Ending is so much more than just another little lesbian film. It’s a visually-stunning movie with an enthralling script, humorous at times, with roles that fit every cast member like a glove, wrapped up in the most wonderful soundtrack. All these elements make it a cinematic masterpiece and a winner with critics and the viewers audience, gay or straight alike. It’s about time for it to belong.

She wants to break the perception about A Perfect Ending being an LGBT film and get to the crossover audience by targeting the baby boomers in the US and European viewers, who are far less concerned with the lesbian aspect and far more involved in the story telling. “This truly is a universal story and I’m committed 1000 percent to moving this film into the crossover,” confesses Conn who receives ongoing positive response from both female and male straight audiences who love the romance in this film.

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