Dear Film Family…

Dear Film Family,

We have been receiving countless emails and FB’s posts from folks who are confused as to what’s happening with Soul Kiss and future projects. So we hope this information satisfies all concerned.

Sometimes “soul mates” are in our lives for a month, a few years or forever.  What makes people “soul mates” is regardless of the time they share, that the essence of the union was absolutely necessary to make huge transitions, to fulfill a missing piece that must complete “us” or to find an altogether new “us” that allows for rebirth before we move on.

We have discovered, while we remain “soul mates”, the time for us to be together in our personal and professional partnership has come to a natural conclusion.

We both love and respect one another and support each other in all future professional endeavors, but we also both continue to love and cherish you all as dear friends who continue to be involved with our projects and we consider you family.

We remain Co-Founders of Soul Kiss Films and are very proud and honored to have been able to make “Elena Undone” and “A Perfect Ending” together. We are now working on separate projects:

Marina is working on her directorial debut “Raven’s Touch.”

Nicole is working on her new feature, “She Walks in Beauty” based on the novel by the same name. We wish each other every success.

We want to thank each one of you for your kindness and support – it has meant so much to us.

With Love & Gratitude,

Nicole and MarinaNicole Conn & Marina Rice Bader

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